Graduate Debt Free: Escaping the Student Loan Matrix

Urgent, engaging, and meticulously researched, Graduate Debt Free opens prospective college students’ and parents’ eyes to the dangers facing them should they choose to fund their college careers with student loans.

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Graduate Debt Free: Escaping the Student Loan Matrix 


Exciting News: Presenting “Graduate Debt-Free” – Your Comprehensive College Success Guide!

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Attention all prospective college students and parents! We are thrilled to unveil a game-changing resource that will revolutionize the way you think about funding higher education. Presenting “Graduate Debt Free” – a groundbreaking book that sheds light on the urgent challenges lurking behind student loans and empowers you to make informed decisions.

📚 About the Book:
“Graduate Debt Free” is a meticulously researched and eye-opening guide that challenges the status quo surrounding student loans. Authored by a seasoned expert, this book defies 12 common assumptions that have contributed to the staggering $1.7 trillion student debt crisis impacting 43 million Americans. It’s time to take control of your financial future and set the stage for success.

💡 What You’ll Discover:
– Unveil the hidden dangers of relying on student loans to finance your college journey.
– Reverse misconceptions that perpetuate the cycle of debt and jeopardize your financial well-being.
– Gain a fresh perspective on the role of institutions in the student debt crisis.
– Explore alternative approaches that will empower you to graduate without the burden of loans.
– Navigate the complex world of higher education funding with confidence and clarity.

🌟 Why “Graduate Debt Free” Stands Out:
This book is more than just a guide – it’s a beacon of hope for high school seniors and parents who are seeking a way to pursue higher education without drowning in debt. The author’s sensitivity, wisdom, and empathy shine through every page, making it relatable and accessible for readers of all backgrounds.

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Ready to embark on your journey toward a debt-free future? Look no further! The Amazon link for “Graduate Debt Free” is now LIVE, ready for you to order your copy and take the first step toward financial liberation. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to reshape your educational trajectory and pave the way for a successful post-graduation life.

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Join the movement to break free from the student debt cycle and embrace a brighter, debt-free future. “Graduate Debt Free” is not just a book; it’s your roadmap to reclaiming control over your education and your finances. Order your copy today and start a new chapter of empowerment and financial wisdom!

📢 Spread the word and share this announcement with fellow students, parents, and anyone seeking a transformative approach to higher education funding. Together, let’s rewrite the narrative of student debt and forge a path toward a brighter and debt-free tomorrow!


David F. Shutler

David F. Shutler has had careers in the military, business, and law. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English from Duke, a juris doctor from Penn State Dickinson Law, and a master of business administration from University of Nebraska, he served as a lawyer in the US Air Force before retiring as a colonel in 1999. After retiring, he worked as a business developer for a large corporation, ran a private law practice, and founded a construction company focused on saving energy. Over his career, he has launched a data analytics company, a candy manufacturing company, and a commercial real estate venture. Dave’s three sons live with their families on the East and West coasts. He lives a plane ride away in Dallas with his wife, Katie.

What readers are saying about "Graduate Debt Free"

“If you decide to go to college, Shutler’s book is your new best friend. It will help you deal with college anxiety and reach the goal of graduating debt free.”

Robert G. Storm, MA, former Principal, California Public School, Wylie, Texas

“For years I’ve searched for a guide to help students and their parents figure out how to finance a college education without sinking into debt. Graduate Debt Free is exactly the guide I’ve been looking for.”

Veronica Guzman Pulido Director of College Counseling, St. Mark’s School of Texas

“Graduate Debt Free reframes the discussion of student debt in the same way Malcolm Gladwell’s books reframe the discussion of social psychology. Applying a business owner’s practicality, a lawyer’s insight, and a parent’s sensitivity, Shutler deconstructs college finance decisions to help students attain a degree without crushing debt.”

AmiLynne Carroll MPA, Denver, CO, author of Conversations of Consequence: Lessons from the Still Small Voice

“As a financial planning practitioner with over 34 years’ experience, I have seen the devastating burden of student debt on people and how it can derail their financial success. Graduate Debt Free should be read by all high school students and their parents before their first college visit.”

Brian M. Ursu CFP, President, Intentional Wealth Advisors, LLC, and author of NOW WHAT? A Practical Guide to Figuring Out Your Financial Future

“Graduate Debt Free is a must-read for college-bound high school students and their parents.”

Casey Gendason College Guidance Counselor, Dallas, TX

“Shutler’s book is a comprehensive guide to obtaining a fine education while avoiding burdensome student debt. It is now mandatory reading for all of my clients”

Rebecca Larkin EdD, College Guidance Counselor, Houston,Texas
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